How To Set Up Your Workspace

Tips for setting up your workspace for optimal crafting fun!

1.  Many students like to have a screen to watch the class on and a device to chat separate.  For example, watch the class on the computer, TV or laptop and use your phone or tablet to chat.  

2.  Classes will start streaming 15 minutes before the hour so that you are able to get any kinks worked out on your end before class starts.

3.  Check your class links a few days before to be sure they are working for you.

4.  Be sure you have checked for any prep work needed for your class, that you have the Make It Kit supplies and your work space is set up with the items close to hand.

5.  We will be sure to keep the class at a pace that allows everyone to participate and enjoy.

6.  We suggest a drink and a snack or two or three!