ONLINE - Scrap-A-Cropolis Scrappy Go Round

ONLINE - Scrap-A-Cropolis Scrappy Go Round

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Join us for a fabulous crafty marathon!  Don't let marathons scare you, we won't do any walking or running!  Well, we will run our mouths and glue but other than that no running!

This scraptastic class is designed to help you make the most of your paper scraps and unleash your creativity in a crafty marathon format.  Each teacher will bring 2 unique 15-minute quick projects using scraps from your stash.  

This class is typically a 3-hour class and we include a few 5-minute breaks to refill our snacks and unload our bladder.

There are prizes, laughter, live mistakes, and more!  

How do I prepare?

Once your email arrives, you can log in to the student portal to access the supply and tool list and complete the prep work that is provided in the PDF. 

Some supplies you will want to have on hand for sure: a paper trimmer, glue, scissors, pokey tools, and a scoreboard.  Supplies for specific classes are listed on the student portal.   

How do I attend?

As this is an online event, you will only need a computer and Wi-Fi connection.  The event will be live-streamed on YouTube and you will have access to the live stream indefinitely.  You will receive a link to the live stream in the instructional email.