March 2024 Power Paper Piecing Project

Welcome to Project #2 of Maymay's Made It Club!

Let's take those pieces you think are done and turn them into RE DONE!  All while making a beautiful basket you can put anything in of a card front and a cool zig zaggy egg.

Click here for PDF:

Checklist to be ready for Clubhouse(YouTube Livestream March 21st @ 10 AM CST):
  1.  Gather your make-it-kit supplies
  2. Choose your coordinating cardstock and make all of the cuts listed in the PDF
  3. For the live stream, two screens are recommended (laptop/computer to watch, phone/iPad to chat on)
  4. Attend Clubhouse by using the link that will be listed on Made It Club site by March 20th!
We cannot wait to craft with you guys on March 21st.  You are going to love this project.  It is much easier than it appears!

If you have questions email