Let me help you as you get ready and tell you what to expect.

Hey Guys!

We are so excited for Scap-A-Cropolis!  This is event is a no stress ALL FUN event!

In this student portal you will find all you need to get prepared for the event.  You will notice that there are very few supplies you need to gather and that you won't need anything fancy.

Each class has it's own post, on the dashboard you will see graphics that have class titles in them.  Open each one, they contain some instructions from your teacher as well as a printable PDF of the items you need to gather.

We suggest gathering items separately for each class.  Remember, we will be assembling the projects in class so all you will do is pre cut.  No scoring, glueing or assembling before the event.

24 hours before the class the links to the classes will be posted in each class post on the dashboard.  Come back to the class and click the link when you are ready to join the class.

March 6th

Join us in the Pre Event Zoom Hangout and we will answer questions and help you make sure you have all you need to have a great event.

We look forward to crafting with you!

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